My good hair day game changer

I just had to do a quick post because today I am having a really good hair day and that is very unusual for me at the moment. Being a lady of a certain age there is a hormonal war to end all wars raging and the casualties are my skin (very dry), my moods (let’s just call them changeable lol) and my hair (just picture Worzel Gummidge and you’ll get the idea). I have quite long blonde (not natural) hair and the last couple of years it has developed the texture of straw, has become very easily tangled and just lacks any kind of life. I’ve tried salon products and regular products of every kind, I’ve had treatments done in the salon, treatments done at home, I’ve bought miracle oils and brushes galore and nothing has helped. I have longed for the days when I could just blow dry my hair and that was that. Instead I have had to wash and dry it, then lather on more products and either straighten it or curl it to stop it going frizzy.

Well not anymore!!!

Enter these little beauties from Percy & Reed.


(Let me just say that this is not a sponsored post. This is just me finding something that really worked for me and wanting to share it in case it may help you too.)

A couple of friends had been raving about Percy & Reed products so I thought it was worth giving them a go, although to be honest I didn’t really think they would make much difference. I decided I was only going to buy the travel size set so that I wouldn’t be out too much money if they didn’t work, made that mistake once or twice before. Anyway, off I went to good old Marks & Spencer and bought the travel set. I choose the one that contained moisturising shampoo and conditioner, some oil and some hairspray. The packaging is really pretty and girly so I was secretly thinking that even if they didn’t work for me I would still keep them on display because they are so gorgeous. Got up the next morning, had a shower and washed my hair and got the hair dryer out ready to go.

The first thing I noticed was that my hair was not as tangled as it would normally be and the comb did not pull out as many strands as usual. That’s very interesting, I thought to myself but once the hairdryer starts it will be a different story. But it wasn’t! I was able to dry my hair without having to stop every few minutes to sort out the tangles. Once it was all dry I was wondering whether I should straighten or curl but after brushing it and adding a little of the No Oil Oil I realised that I didn’t need to do either. It looked great, I could actually leave it as it was! You have no idea how ridiculously pleased that made me. It has been years since I could do that. It is now the second day and it is still fab. It feels silky smooth, there is no frizz and it even has some shine again – and all that after JUST ONE USE!!! What a game changer! And did I mention they all smell fab too?

I don’t actually even know if the moisturising one is the best one for my hair type, I haven’t even looked at the whole range yet, I just grabbed whatever M&S had in the travel size. There may even be something in the range that is better for my particular hair issues and that is mind boggling to me after so many disappointments with products in the past. So I am off to browse their full range and get some full size bottles, but first I am just going to sit here and run my fingers through my lovely silky hair for a little bit longer 🙂

Thanks for reading, happy Hump Day 🙂


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