Scheepjes CAL 2016

For anyone who crochets there is a great CAL (crochet-a-long) going on at the moment with Scheepjes wools. It is called Last Dance on the Beach, runs over 14 weeks and is in memory of Marinke Slump ( aka : Wink) from and was the final design she was working on when she passed away. Each week we are given a new piece of the pattern and a great video tutorial to go with it. Even though I am fairly new to crochet I have been able to follow the patterns without any problem. There is a fantastic Facebook group full (and I mean FULL – almost 14,500 members) of helpful hints, tips and support. It’s not too late to start the CAL so if you fancy giving it a go join the Facebook Group, order your kit and join us. There are 3 colourways and 2 types of wool to choose from, or you could make up your own colourway to fit in with your decor. There is something very satisfying about creating a beautiful blanket and knowing it is all your own work 🙂 It is also pretty amazing to know that while I’m sitting here in Belfast crocheting this pattern there are hundreds of people all over the world doing exactly the same thing.

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