Yarn Pegs storage

I have been looking around lately to try to find a cute box to keep my yarn pegs in. If you haven’t discovered yarn pegs yet then check out Lucy’s blog post about how she makes hers at Attic 24. They make planning a blanket so much easier since you can try the colours out beside each other to see which combinations are going to work best. It saves on expensive mistakes when you end up buying colours that just don’t work together – I’m sure we’ve all been there! I am just building up my collection of Stylecraft Special DK colours from the yarn I have been using with my Attic 24 kits from Wool Warehouse. I have used 3 different kits so I have quite a few colours now and I will just buy the rest of them over time until I have the full set. I do have the Stylecraft Special DK colour chart but I find that it helps me see the colourways I am planning if I can lay the pegs out side by side and move them around to get an order that I’m happy with, which I can’t do with the colour chart. Anyway back to the storage problem. I couldn’t find a box that I really liked that was big enough for all the pegs. I saw lots I liked but they were too small or too big and the ones that I saw that were the right size I didn’t like. I wanted the storage box to be something that could sit out on display with all the lovely coloured yarn showing. In the end I decided to make my own so I found a perfect sized storage box and I bought a wooden heart to go on it (I collect hearts so it had to be a heart), I got out my Annie Sloan chalk paint and my sparkly Modge Podge and hey presto – the perfect yarn pegs storage 🙂

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