Challenging myself with Makelight Bloom

Although I haven’t been here in quite a while I have been very busy creating lots of lovely things, though to be honest mostly for myself or as gifts for friends rather than to sell. I have been trying to work out how all the ideas in my head for creative ventures all fit together and in the end have decided that I can’t work it out myself as I’m too close to it so I need to step back and get some external insight. One of the things I have decided to do is to sign up for membership of Makelight and take their Bloom branding course. After just one lesson I find that I am starting to focus more on what direction I want to take in my creative journey. I am excited to see what Emily and Stef have in store for the rest of this course and know I will gain loads from it.
One of the things that Emily does is give Makelight members a word a day to inspire them to take a photo. Today’s word is DRINK so here is my morning latte without which I just can’t function.

My morning latte

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