When one blanket finishes another begins

Since I finally learnt how to crochet in 2015 I have been a big fan of the brilliant Attic24 blog. I am such a fan of Lucy’s use of colour and the beautiful patterns she creates. I have so far managed to crochet four of her blanket patterns and a few of the lovely little flowers and birds on her blog as well. If you haven’t discovered Attic24 yet then do go and have a peek, I’m sure you will love it and find so much inspiration there. This week I finished the Moorland Stripe blanket and I love it.  The colours are fabulous and I love how Lucy got her inspiration from the moors near her home. Most people find that the sewing in of all the wool ends is their least favourite part of their crocheting but I find it quite relaxing in a way because you don’t need to think too much or concentrate too hard on it. Some people like to sew the ends in as they go along and some, like me, leave them all to the end. Are you a sew them in as you go or a leave them till the end girl? I am sure the answer to that question must say something about our personality types, but perhaps it’s better not to know 🙂

So now that I have finished my Moorland Blanket journey what next for my hook? Well, since you ask, I just happened to be browsing Wool Warehouse the other day and would you believe it but the Hydrangea Blanket kit just hopped on in to my basket (oops how did that happen!) so that is what I will be crocheting next. The colours are beautiful – very soft and definitely reminiscent of hydrangeas. If you want to see the pattern you can find it HERE on Attic24.
What are you crocheting, or knitting, or sewing at the moment?

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  1. I’ve just finished my first crochet blanket having only recently come back to being a happy hooker after a brief stint when I taught myself a few years ago. I wove the ends in at the finish but I might think about doing it as I go along next time. In knitting, I save them until the end but then I generally don’t change colour on every row! You sent me down a rabbit hole looking at lots of lovely projects – especially the Attic 24 ones and the Last Dance on the Beach CAL which will probably end up costing me money 😉

  2. I must go and check out Attic24! I am definitely a tucker-inner as I go along 🙂 Presently I seem to be on a roll with crocheting toys. Animals to be specific. I have made a little bird, an echidna, a weird looking sheep and a kangaroo complete with a baby in the pouch. That last was rather challenging I must say. Tonight I just started on a koala. Lord knows what I’m going to do with them all. I expect my nieces and nephews to start creating kidlets 🙂

      1. If you can do all those other things, toys are a cinch. I don’t use patterns normally – except for the kangaroo. That was a mistake, they made it too complicated. I would go with my intuition next time !

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