Free Vintage Granny Square blanket pattern

Who is ready for a new blanket?

Today we have a free Vintage Granny Square blanket pattern for you. This is a great stash buster project to use up all your leftover yarn and make room for new, yarny delights. Our colour inspiration came from the leftover colours we had after making the Attic24 Hydrangea blanket and we added two others. It is a very vintage inspired colour palette but you can use whatever yarn you have to hand. Or use it as an excuse to buy more.

Vintage Granny Square from RecklessHen

The Granny Square pattern we used was from a tutorial on The Patchwork Heart blog. Her instructions are easy to follow and there are detailed pictures to help every step of the way. We decided to add in some solid blocks of colour. We haven’t really used them in a blanket before but thought it would help bring the colours out. For joining our squares we used The Patchwork Heart’s Continuous Join As You Go method. Again, there are loads of pictures on there to help you. The border uses a Linen Stitch edging which you can find on Attic24. Both The Patchwork Heart and Attic24 are fantastic resources for crocheters. They provide loads of inspiration and very detailed tutorials. We can’t thank them enough for how generous they are with their time and knowledge.

The colour sequences we used and the layout of the squares can be found in the download of our pattern Vintage Granny by RecklessHen. We don’t do random well so there is actually a pattern in the colour sequences of the squares, can you find it? Heather worked out the sequence and I must admit she had to explain it to me so well done to anyone who can see it.

Want some help with doing random colours?

If you would like some help with randomising your colour sequences check out our Stripe-It random colour creator. You can read about it here.

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